Subtitled version of the Spanish documentary «Es por tu seguridad. Engranajaes institucionales de la islamofobia». A short documentary on the impact of securitization on Muslim lives through anti-terrorist policies and PVE/CVE in the Spanish context.

Promoting and driving organization: Asociación Musulmana por los Derechos Humanos (AMDEH)

Producer: Cooptèchniques

Director: Salma Amazian

Coordinator, Advocacy: Aurora Ali

Script: Salma Amazian, Helios- Ilyas Fernández Garcés

Recording, editing and sound: Meri Varó

Illustrations: Tonina Matamalas

Creative advice: Carme Gomila

Featuring (in order of appearance): Mohamed Mustafa, Houssein El Ouariachi, Mostafà Shaimi, Chafika Attalai, Daniel Amelang, Ainhoa Nadia Douhaibi, Taha, Youssef Ouled, Fatiha El Mouali and Hajar Samadi.

Poems: “We are the Disobedient”, “Islamophobia 101”, kindly provided and written by Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan and interpreted by Helios-Ilyas Fernández Garcés.

Music: “Tell the story” By Lance Conrad.

Genre: documentary film

Year of production: 2021

Country: Spain

Cities: Barcelona, Bilbao, Ceuta and Madrid

Duration: 45 min Original languages: Spanish and Catalan

Subtitles: Spanish and English

Acknowledgments: Isabel Muriedas, Alegrías Restaurant, SOS Racismo Madrid, Collective Did L3onf- against violence, and to all the people who, unselfishly, lent their resources, time and support to make this problem visible.

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